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Friday, February 23

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From Kainai, Alberta to McFarland, California L 1060Andrea Fox Simplifying Instruction in a Multi-graded Classroom PE 040Rob Ficiur Exploring Canadian Educators’ Responsibilities Regarding International and National Commitments to Indigenous Peoples M 1030Michelle Hawks Indigenous Ways of Knowing L 1170BTerry Lynn Cook Mini Canvases W 871Elissa &amp • amp • Heather Willms Promoting the Success of Immigrant Students AH 175Mary Frances Fitzgerald Anxiety in the Primary Classroom PE 250Laurie Wright Visual Journaling Through the Arts TH 201Jessica Lysak Students who Struggle with Reading K to 2 PE 275Carrie Forster I Wonder...... Connecting Children’s Literature to Science Inquiry AH 116Geri Lorway CRM at the High School Level TH 277Ken Pon Innovative Leadership for a Better World M 1090Derek Keenan Canada's Secret Shame: Human Trafficking L 1170GStephanie Anderson All Fun and Games: No Eye Protection Required TH 143Alan Riewe Mathematical Conversation TH 241Jay Bright &amp • amp • Amanda Thomson How Teaching Can Make You Fat...and How to Get Your Body Back! TH 204Cam Hall Getting Past the Pain of Writing. PE 261Sigmund Brouwer The Bargaining Process – A New Playing Field AH 118James Gerun Science 101 for Div I AH 117Ed Kusmirski Cultivating Critical Thinking Through a Growth Mindset in High School Social Studies L 1050Craig Findlay &amp • amp • Billy Baum Beginners Start Here: Getting Going with Google AH 147Michelle Armstrong Social Citizens - Navigating Social Media PE 020Nancy Smith Empower Youth to Have Healthy Relationships (building skills) M 1060Carlia Schwab Teaching from Tragedy TH 373Sara Rooseboom Empowered and Energized Me! TH 141Sheila Unique From Surviving to Thriving – Building Skills for Resiliency PE 264Dan Bateman Managing Stress Through Self Care M 1040Megan Hunter Improvisation to Performance & Script Development W 401Peter McWhir Teachers as Story Catchers In the Studio Classroom – Making Literacy Learning Visible M 1035Paula Matikainen &amp • amp • Sheryl Schoenthaler Retire to the Life You Design TH 173Barb Carvers

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How Do You Teach Recall of Facts? AH 116Geri Lorway Project-Based Learning as a Teaching Philosophy M 1090Derek Keenan Classroom Management- What Works? AH 175Chris Gonsalvez Teaching the Heart with Heart PE 264Dan Bateman Making the First Nations, Metis and Inuit Policy Framework work in your classroom. TH 373Tiffany Prete Collective Memories: Braiding Our Stories Through History L 1170BJulia McDougall Simple Book Structures W 871Elissa &amp • amp • Heather Willms Assessment? Elementary, My Dear Mozart! TH 277Angie Turk Teacher's Claymation Toolkit L 1170GAndy Davies • Jeff Milner CANCELLED: Coaching to Support Inclusion AH 176Henry Madsen It Rocks to be a Story Ninja PE 261Sigmund Brouwer Visual Journaling Through the Arts TH 201Jessica Lysak Mathematics 30-1 and Mathematics 30-2 - Program Update M 1040Alberta Education Math Team Member Number Sense 101 TH 241Jay Bright &amp • amp • Amanda Thomson You mean I get a choice in what I get to do in math! TH 204Lon Bosch &amp • amp • Ron Pisoni Exploring the Connections between Math and Citizenship Education M 1030Michelle Hawks Power to Play: A Superhero-themed Healthy Eating and Active Living Program for K-3 Join superheroes Brock Lee and Coco Lait on fun healthy eating adventures! Alberta teachers, dietitians and students designed this... PE 020Lee Finell Less is More: Increasing Student Learning while Reducing Teacher Workload PE 040Rob Ficiur Teacher Time – What is it and how do I count it? AH 118James Gerun The Other Side of the Door PE 275Bill Fraser Science 101 for Div II AH 117Ed Kusmirski Fighting Fake News: Help Students Battle Misinformation L 1050Joel Bryant Web Based and WOW! AH 147Michelle Armstrong The Creation of Anxiety PE 250Kathy Penner B.A.C.A. (Bikers Against Child Abuse) TH 143Coach Empower Youth to Promote Respect in School M 1060Carlia Schwab Frustrated and Overwhelmed to Calm and In Control TH 141Sheila Unique Connecting Science To The Real World And The Real World To Science M 1040Barry Edgar

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