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Rob Ficiur

-Taught 28 of 29 years in a multi-graded classroom in a multi-graded classroom a Hutterite Colony School. -Editor / Writer of the Hutterite Teachers’ Newsletter since 1994. The goal of the quarterly newsletter is to share practical teaching ideas that can be implemented by teachers. Co-author of: Creating Inclusive School Communities for Hutterite Students A Handbook for Colony Teachers and Administrators ATA Educational Trust Projects (2006) -Alberta Distance Learning Centre (Provincial) Hutterite Education Committee (2014 – present) -Alberta Distance Learning Center Colony teachers blog (weekly) (2015 – present) When I looked at all the grades in one room, I asked the question that every multi-graded classroom teacher wonders "How can I teach all these grades at once?" Once you start teaching two grades at once teaching changes to fit the new reality. During last 28 years I have (through trial and error) specific structures, routines and strategies that can help teachers survive then thrive in the multi-graded three ring circus.

My Speakers Sessions

Friday, February 23

10:30 MST

Simplifying Instruction in a Multi-graded Classroom PE 040Rob Ficiur

12:30 MST